EPISODES 0001-0010

Dark Shadows - Episode 0001

Summary:  Victoria Winters arrives in Collinsport, having been summoned under mysterious circumstances for work as a governess to young David Collins.  Former resident Burke Devlin returns to town on the same train following a ten-year absence.  Devlin meets at the Blue Whale with private detective Wilbur Strake, who has been investigating the Collins family for Devlin¡¯s unrevealed purpose. Meanwhile, hotel waitress Maggie Evans offers an unheeded warning about the Collinwood estate before Victoria makes her way to the mansion.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0002

Summary:  Victoria has her first meetings with Collinwood matriarch Elizabeth Stoddard and Elizabeth¡¯s brother Roger Collins.  Roger is shaken by Victoria¡¯s news that Burke Devlin has returned to Collinsport.  At the Blue Whale, Devlin intervenes in an altercation involving Elizabeth¡¯s teenage daughter Carolyn and her beau Joe Haskell when Carolyn dances with another man.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0003

Summary:  Carolyn and Victoria become acquainted.  Burke Devlin proposes a deal with Joe Haskell to obtain information about the Collins family.  Roger searches town for Maggie Evans¡¯ father.  Fish factory manager Bill Malloy surfaces to tell Roger of Devlin¡¯s return. Malloy meets with Devlin and asks him to stay away from the Collins family.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0004

Summary:  Roger and Elizabeth, and later Carolyn, discuss Victoria and Burke Devlin.  Roger then questions Victoria about her earlier interaction with Devlin.  Later, Victoria is awakened by mysterious sobs.  While searching for the source of the sounds, Victoria meets David, who says, ¡°I hate you.¡±

Dark Shadows - Episode 0005

Summary:  Having decided to leave Collinsport, Victoria spends breakfast with Carolyn and reveals that she was abandoned as a baby.  $50 was sent monthly to the foundling home to care for Victoria with a postmark from Bangor.  The job at Collinwood would put her in close proximity with the possibility of learning more about her ancestry.  Drunken artist Sam Evans finds Victoria musing at Widows Hill later and tells her of Josette Collins, the French wife of Collinwood founder Jeremiah, who threw herself off the hill after being ostracized by the Collins family and the town.  Victoria returns to her room to find that David ransacked her things.  Carolyn proposes a theory that the money sent to Victoria¡¯s orphanage may be connected to Carolyn¡¯s father abandoning her and Elizabeth around the same time.  Victoria decides to stay.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0006

Summary:  While searching for David in the basement, Victoria is confronted by estate caretaker Matthew Morgan.  Later, Matthew informs Victoria about some of Elizabeth¡¯s background.  Elizabeth discusses Victoria and Roger with David.  Elizabeth tells Victoria that the disappearance of her husband and the monthly stipend sent to Victoria¡¯s orphanage are not connected.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0007

Summary:  Sam Evans and Roger Collins finally meet up to discuss Burke Devlin¡¯s possible intentions.  Victoria goes to the hotel to place a call to her orphanage and has a chance encounter with Devlin.  Devlin pays Sam a visit afterwards.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0008

Summary:  Carolyn rebuffs Joe Haskell¡¯s marriage proposal when he visits her and Elizabeth to share news that Bill Malloy promoted him.  Elizabeth confronts Victoria about her inquiries into why she was hired.  While dictating a letter to Victoria, Miss Hopewell from the foundling home reveals that Wilbur Strake is also investigating how Elizabeth came to hire Victoria.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0009

Summary:  After Burke Devlin refuses to see Bill Malloy at the hotel, Bill visits Elizabeth to discuss Devlin.  Upstairs, Victoria and Carolyn have their own conversation about Devlin.  Bill and Elizabeth try persuading Carolyn to leave town temporarily.  Instead, Carolyn goes to the hotel to see Devlin. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0010

Summary:  David implies to Elizabeth that there are ghosts in the house.  After overhearing his father and Elizabeth discussing sending him, David reveals that he heard his parents argue about Burke Devlin in the past.  Burke plants a story with Carolyn that he is leaving for Venezuela soon.  Carolyn takes Devlin back to Collinwood to meet with Elizabeth.