EPISODES 0011-0020

Summary:  Sam becomes alarmed when hotel clerk Mr. Wells tells him about Carolyn¡¯s visit with Burke Devlin and their subsequent trip to Collinwood.  At the house, Burke tries to assure Elizabeth that he is not out for revenge. Carolyn tells her mother that Burke will be leaving for Venezuela in two days. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0012

Summary:  Victoria learns the history of Widows Hill as she and Roger discuss Burke Devlin.  Sam ponders leaving Collinsport, much to Maggie¡¯s dismay.  Roger decides to forestall a meeting with Sam in order to confront Burke while he is in the mansion. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0013

Summary:  Burke tries convincing Roger that he does not want revenge for Roger¡¯s testimony that sent Burke to prison for manslaughter.  It is also revealed that Roger and his wife, who had a close relationship with Devlin, were married after the trial and then moved to Augusta.  Burke asks Roger to meet him at the Blue Whale later for a friendly business discussion.  Victoria probes Matthew about the Collins¡¯ connection to Bangor and her past, but is abruptly dismissed when Matthew learns she is visiting him without Elizabeth¡¯s knowledge.  On her way back to the house, Victoria finds Devlin interacting suspiciously with Roger¡¯s car.  Elizabeth warns Victoria that Matthew¡¯s loyalty can make him violently protective of the Collins family. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0014

Summary:  David pretends to make peace with Victoria when she almost catches him trying to plant a brake valve in her dresser.  Joe Haskell rejects Burke Devlin¡¯s previous offer to spy on the Collins and then becomes acquainted with Victoria when he picks up Carolyn at Collinwood.  Carolyn moves her date with Joe to the Blue Whale because she knows Burke Devlin will be there. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0015

Summary:  Victoria tries making friends with David while he speaks disparagingly about his father.  Victoria hears even more about David¡¯s troubled father-son relationship from Elizabeth.  Roger drives his car off the road while en route to meet Burke. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0016

Summary:  Roger survives his accident as the Collinwood residents suspect foul play.  Carolyn grows more enamored with Burke Devlin when he joins her ¡°date¡± with Joe Haskell, which greatly upsets Joe.  Elizabeth discovers Carolyn went to the Blue Whale against her wishes and left with Burke Devlin. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0017

Summary:  Elizabeth stops a guilt-ridden David from jumping out a window while sleepwalking.  Bill Malloy finds that Roger¡¯s brakes were tampered with and Roger suspects Burke Devlin.  Elizabeth tells Roger that Victoria saw Burke by Roger¡¯s car earlier.  Bill goes to find Carolyn at Elizabeth¡¯s request. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0018

Summary:  Victoria tries consoling David after he discusses the car accident with his injured father.  Roger questions Victoria about Burke¡¯s earlier actions in the garage.  When Roger leaves with Victoria to confront Burke Devlin in town, David plants the brake valve in Victoria¡¯s dresser. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0019

Summary:  While searching for Carolyn and Burke at the Blue Whale, Bill Malloy discusses the pair with Sam Evans.  Having reunited, Joe and Carolyn discuss their relationship before returning to Collinwood.  Elizabeth tells Carolyn about Devlin¡¯s trial and her suspicions regarding Roger¡¯s accident. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0020

Summary:  Sam learns that his worried daughter has had the hotel and the bar keep an eye on him.  With Victoria at his side, Roger makes his accusation against Burke Devlin.