EPISODES 0021-0030

Summary:  Carolyn and Victoria mull over the details of Roger¡¯s accident.  Bill Malloy has a similar conversation with Burke Devlin before revealing that he knows Devlin hired Wilbur Strake to investigate the Collins.  At the same time, the three women of Collinwood also read about Wilbur Strake when Miss Hopewell¡¯s letter arrives from the foundling home. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0022

Summary:  It is revealed that only Sam and Roger know the truth behind Burke¡¯s criminal conviction.  Sam comes home to find Maggie and Burke having a conversation.  Burke commissions a portrait from Sam that would fit above the Collins fireplace.  Carolyn argues with Roger about his intentions to prosecute Devlin for the car accident. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0023

Summary:  David interrupts his school lessons with Victoria to ask about the car accident and criminal consequences.  David¡¯s concern grows when he eavesdrops as Constable Carter questions Collinwood residents about the crime and Devlin¡¯s possible motives.  When the constable recovers the wrench used to remove the brake valve, David deliberately touches it in everyone¡¯s view to hide the fact that his fingerprints were already on it. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0024

Summary:  Constable Carter questions Burke Devlin at the hotel.  Knowing that Carolyn is downstairs having lunch with Joe Haskell, Burke asks Carolyn to his room to tell the constable that it was her idea to take him to Collinwood in the first place.  Carolyn realizes Burke is not leaving town after all. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0025

Summary:  Roger catches David reading Victoria¡¯s letter from the foundling home.  Elizabeth enlists Roger to aid her cover story for hiring Victoria, but refuses to tell him the true story.  David¡¯s behavior causes Victoria to wonder about his role in the accident.  Victoria later discovers the brake valve hidden in her dresser. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0026

Summary:  Roger pressures Constable Carter to arrest Burke Devlin prematurely, but he only agrees to search Burke¡¯s hotel room for the brake valve.  Victoria confronts David with the valve, but claims she found it in his room.  When Elizabeth catches David leaving the house, he insists that Victoria hit him.  Victoria attempts to show Elizabeth the valve, but discovers it is missing from her locked drawer. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0027

Summary:  While searching the house for David, the three women of Collinwood discover a car mechanics magazine in Victoria¡¯s bedroom.  Burke meets with New York banker Stuart Bronson in Bangor regarding Devlin¡¯s business plan to ruin the Collins.  Burke receives word that David tried entering his hotel room. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0028

Summary:  Burke confronts Constable Carter about his hotel room being searched and discovers that Carter has been making inquiries in New York.  Maggie becomes acquainted with David while waiting for his father to pick him up, but David disappears when Roger arrives.  Burke interrupts Maggie asking Roger about her father¡¯s relationship with Devlin.  Roger threatens Burke with a return to prison. Roger visits the constable to learn about Wilbur Strake¡¯s investigation into the Collins family as well as Burke¡¯s business affairs.  Back at the hotel restaurant, Maggie and Burke discuss how Roger and Sam never saw each other during the time Devlin was away from Collinsport. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0029

Summary:  Elizabeth blames Victoria for David¡¯s disappearance but eventually apologizes.  Burke and David appear to bond until Burke discovers that David planted the valve in his hotel room. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0030

Summary:  David¡¯s budding friendship with Burke causes him to have second thoughts about having planted the brake valve.  Burke returns David to Collinwood.  David accuses Victoria of tampering with the car while she and Roger, now aware of his son¡¯s involvement, question David.  Burke interrupts their confrontation by revealing the valve.