EPISODES 0031-0040

Summary:  To protect David, Burke claims he found the brake valve on the road near the crash site.  Roger still believes David is responsible and threatens to send him away.  Burke invites Victoria to dinner if she wants to learn about Wilbur Strake¡¯s investigation. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0032

Summary:  With David locked in his room, Roger intimates to Elizabeth that Burke Devlin could be the boy¡¯s real father.  Elizabeth defends David and insists that he not be sent away in order to protect the family.  Constable Carter questions Bill Malloy about Roger and his son¡¯s relationship after finding incriminating evidence against David.  The constable brings his findings to Collinwood but drops his investigation upon Elizabeth¡¯s insistence that Roger¡¯s accident was the result of a faulty valve and foul play is no longer suspected. 

Dark Shadows - Episode 0033

Summary:  Elizabeth tells Carolyn about her plan to protect David and again pleads for her daughter to leave Collinwood.  Following a conversation with Burke Devlin, a drunk Joe Haskell accuses Elizabeth of instilling a fear of marriage into Carolyn.  Victoria meets with Burke at the Blue Whale.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0034

Summary:  A sober Joe reconciles with Carolyn.  Victoria recounts her history for Burke, but he has no new information for her.  Joe discovers Victoria visiting Burke¡¯s hotel room.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0035

Summary:  After hearing what Joe saw at the hotel, Carolyn gets upset with Victoria for having a rendezvous with Burke Devlin.  Sam becomes uneasy about painting Burke¡¯s portrait because of how much time the two men will have to spend together.  David threatens Victoria.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0036

Summary:  Roger forbids Sam from painting Burke¡¯s portrait out of concern for Sam potentially revealing information about Burke¡¯s manslaughter conviction.  Victoria wants to leave Collinwood after David¡¯s threat, but Elizabeth talks her out of it.  Elizabeth makes an appeal to David for his behavior to change.  Roger¡¯s agitation causes him to chide Elizabeth for coddling his son.  After a conversation with Sam Evans, Victoria returns to Collinwood and overhears Elizabeth placing a call to Ned Calder in Portland.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0037

Summary:  Roger believes Victoria may have overheard him repeating his plea for Sam to cancel the portrait of Burke Devlin.  Sam gives his daughter a letter for safekeeping.  Victoria begins another search for the strange nighttime sobbing.  With his worry over Sam and Burke growing, Roger vents his frustration on Victoria.  But after apologizing, Roger admits that he too has heard the mysterious sobs.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0038

Summary:  Matthew stops Victoria from searching behind the storeroom door in the basement, but tells her the sobs come from the ghost of Josette Collins.  Elizabeth enlists Matthew in her cover story for Roger¡¯s accident.  Carolyn converses with Burke over breakfast at the hotel restaurant and deliberately leaves her ring on the table.  Matthew threatens to kill Burke if he brings trouble to Elizabeth.  Victoria refuses Elizabeth¡¯s offer to unlock the storeroom door as proof that no one is inside.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0039

Summary:  Roger is forced to hide during a visit with Sam when Burke arrives for a portrait sitting.  Bill Malloy warns Elizabeth about Burke¡¯s business tactics. Elizabeth asks Ned Calder to return to work for her.  Bill pledges to clear Burke¡¯s name if Burke promises to leave town.  When Roger threatens him, Sam tells Roger about the secret letter he wrote as a safeguard.  Bill Malloy suddenly intrudes on Roger and Sam¡¯s conversation.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0040

Summary:  Roger retrieves Carolyn¡¯s ring from Burke and asks her to avoid him.  Carolyn still meets with Burke and decides to follow him to Bangor after he declines to bring her along.  Bill Malloy plies Sam with liquor and learns Sam knows the truth about Roger¡¯s connection to Burke¡¯s criminal conviction.