EPISODES 0041-0050

Dark Shadows - Episode 0041

Summary: Sam and Roger reaffirm their mutual hatred of one another as Roger tries to learn what Sam may have told Bill Malloy while drunk. Maggie calls Roger in an attempt to learn why her father is so upset, but Roger hangs up the phone. Sam threatens Maggie when he finds out she called Roger. Elizabeth makes inquiries about both Ned Calder and the whereabouts of her daughter. Sam shows up at the front door of Collingwood.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0042

Summary: Burke dines with banker James Blair to discuss assuming the Collins business interests. Burke gifts a pen to Carolyn when he discovers she followed him to his meeting. Sam is ultimately unable to unburden his conscience on Elizabeth. Joe tells Elizabeth that her daughter went to meet Devlin.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0043

Summary: Bill Malloy questions Maggie about her father¡¯s connections to Burke Devlin and Roger Collins. Maggie confides in Victoria about her troubled father and invites her to dinner. Bill Malloy has a drink with Joe Haskell at the Blue Whale when Sam interrupts to discuss what happened the night before.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0044

Summary: When banker John Harris advises Elizabeth to rehire Ned Calder, it is revealed that she once rejected Ned¡¯s marriage proposal. Ned turns down Elizabeth¡¯s offer to return. A conversation between John and Carolyn reveals that Burke is connected to a banker from New York who has been inquiring about the Collins family business. Ignoring Elizabeth¡¯s protests, Bill Malloy suspects Roger is actually guilty of the crime for which Burke was convicted and demands to meet with Roger.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0045

Summary: Bill Malloy repeats his offer to exonerate Burke and implicate Roger in the crime if Burke will leave the rest of the Collins family alone. Bill brings his suspicions to Roger and indicates Sam as his source of information. Roger confiscates the pen that Carolyn received from Burke. Bill plans to meet Burke later that evening to reveal his evidence against Roger.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0046

Summary: Burke demands that Roger attend the late night meeting with Bill Malloy. Bill makes a similar demand of Sam. Roger disparages Sam when Victoria plans to have dinner with the Evans family and to have David meet Sam. At the mansion, Bill tells Roger he will be sacrificed to save the rest of the Collins family. Bill gives Roger an ultimatum to either turn himself in or appear at the meeting later. Everyone arrives at the meeting except for Bill.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0047

Summary: Elizabeth has a premonition of impending disaster. Carolyn keeps Elizabeth company to alleviate her mother¡¯s worries about Roger. Various suspicions grow when Bill Malloy fails to appear at the appointed time. Roger tries returning the pen to Burke but realizes it is not in his jacket. When Elizabeth asks about his role in Burke¡¯s trial, Roger maintains his innocence.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0048

Summary: David becomes angry with Victoria for showing Roger his drawing of Collinwood. Burke sends David a crystal ball as a gift. Elizabeth learns from Joe Haskell that Bill is missing. Victoria adds that Bill visited Roger the night before. David tells Joe that the crystal ball predicts Carolyn will marry Burke. David also claims that his father killed Bill Malloy.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0049

Summary: Joe tells Carolyn about David¡¯s crystal ball prediction. Burke questions Sam about Bill Malloy¡¯s disappearance. Maggie does the same. Burke looks for Roger at Collinwood, but no one knows where Roger is.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0050

Summary: Carolyn and Victoria discuss ghosts atop Widows Hill. Elizabeth later recounts the legend that two women died there and a third death has been foretold. Victoria finds the word ¡°death¡± written on her mirror. David blames it on the widows and claims ghosts have been keeping him awake. Roger finally returns to Collinwood and is questioned by Elizabeth about Bill Malloy. Carolyn and Victoria return to the hill to search for Carolyn¡¯s lost watch, but see a body on the rocks below instead.