EPISODES 0051-0060

Dark Shadows - Episode 0051

Summary: Roger and Elizabeth believe the girls may be mistaken about what they saw. Matthew investigates and claims he found nothing. Elizabeth is also unable to find a body and succeeds in convincing the girls that they only saw a clump of seaweed. Victoria tells Roger what David saw in the crystal ball.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0052

Summary: Carolyn and Victoria hear strange noises in the house while discussing what they saw in the water. They trace the sounds to a book of family history in the drawing room. After the girls leave, the book opens by itself to a portrait of Josette Collins. Sam and Maggie argue about Sam¡¯s secret letter during a discussion about Bill Malloy.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0053

Summary: David asks Victoria about her screams the night before and tells her the crystal ball predicted an attempt on her life. David eavesdrops when Victoria recounts the previous night¡¯s events for Joe Haskell. Elizabeth learns Roger hasn¡¯t shown up at the office and calls the sheriff about Bill Malloy¡¯s disappearance. David continues pressing Victoria for information about the dead body while insisting his father killed Malloy. Joe finds Carolyn¡¯s watch and returns it to Elizabeth. In response to further questioning, Matthew admits to Elizabeth that he actually did find the body of Bill Malloy and pushed it back out to sea.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0054

Summary: Sheriff Patterson wonders if Matthew is hiding something when he describes what he did with Bill Malloy¡¯s body. Burke accuses Roger of being involved in Malloy¡¯s disappearance because he was about to exonerate Burke and implicate Roger for the manslaughter charge. Elizabeth summons Roger back to Collinwood where the sheriff is waiting.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0055

Summary: It comes out that Roger, Sam, and Burke were to meet with Bill Malloy as the sheriff investigates Bill¡¯s death. Elizabeth accuses Roger of lying about what he knows. Sam and Maggie resume their argument over his secret letter and how it relates to Bill¡¯s disappearance. They are both present when Sheriff Patterson takes a call that the coast guard found Bill Malloy¡¯s dead body.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0056

Summary: Elizabeth returns Carolyn¡¯s watch and informs her of Bill Malloy¡¯s death. Carolyn relays the news to Victoria. Roger and Sam confer about the sheriff¡¯s investigation while realizing that Bill¡¯s death means no one else knows the truth about Burke¡¯s manslaughter conviction. Victoria asks Elizabeth and Carolyn about Sam Evans. Roger learns from Carolyn that Victoria is going into town to meet Sam.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0057

Summary: Burke learns from Maggie that Bill was found dead. Victoria arrives at the hotel for lunch with Maggie when Burke implies that Roger is not upset about Bill¡¯s death. While being questioned, Burke gives the sheriff details about the late night meeting and Bill¡¯s plan to exonerate him. The autopsy report reveals Bill Malloy drowned but also suffered a blow to the head. Victoria tells Maggie about the connection between Bangor and the foundling home. Burke¡¯s dinner invitation is declined so Victoria may meet with Sam Evans instead.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0058

Summary: David believes Bill may become another ghost of Collinwood. The sheriff comes to question Sam while Sam has a beer at the Blue Whale with Joe Haskell. Joe takes Carolyn on a drive while David examines tide charts regarding Bill¡¯s body. Sheriff Patterson takes Sam back to his office and asks him about the late night meeting and Burke¡¯s conviction. The sheriff then goes to Collinwood to question Roger.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0059

Summary: Sheriff Patterson questions Roger and Elizabeth. Roger sticks to his story that he was not involved in Burke¡¯s conviction or Bill¡¯s death. David hands the sheriff his tide charts in hopes of implicating his father. Roger appears bothered that Victoria is having dinner with Sam Evans.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0060

Summary: At the Evans house, Victoria finds a portrait that resembles her. She and Maggie bond over ghost stories when the conversation turns to Burke Devlin. Burke revisits Sheriff Patterson for more information about the investigation. After examining the tide charts, the sheriff deduces someone is lying about the details surrounding Bill¡¯s death, but he dismisses Burke¡¯s accusations against Roger and Sam. Sam tells Victoria that the woman in the portrait died before Victoria was born. When asked about the accident that sent Burke Devlin to prison, Sam recounts that Burke killed a man while drunk driving, but was too drunk to remember. Roger and Laura, who later became Roger¡¯s wife, were passengers. The sheriff calls to warn Sam about Burke just as Burke enters the Evans house.