EPISODES 0061-0070

Dark Shadows - Episode 0061

Summary: Burke claims Roger was actually behind the wheel during the drunk driving death. Sam sneaks out of the house to retrieve his letter from the hotel safe, but Mister Wells refuses to hand it over without Maggie¡¯s permission. Burke asks Maggie and Victoria about the night of Bill¡¯s murder and makes his own accusations against Sam and Roger too. Burke learns about the letter in the safe while conversing with Mister Wells. Sam meets Burke at the hotel and says he is ready to talk.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0062

Summary: In Burke¡¯s room, Sam professes his innocence in Bill¡¯s death, which leads Burke to believe Roger must be responsible. Roger questions Victoria about her dinner with the Evans family and she reveals what Burke told her about the manslaughter crime. Roger offers Victoria a job away from Collinwood, but she declines.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0063

Summary: Worried about Burke¡¯s claim that her father withheld evidence at his trial, Maggie searches for Sam at the Blue Whale, but only finds Carolyn and Joe. Maggie travels up to Collinwood to speak to Roger, but ends up in conversation with Elizabeth about Burke Devlin. After discussing Bill Malloy with Elizabeth, Matthew arrives at the Blue Whale looking for Burke. Matthew gives Carolyn a message for her mother that everything will be alright. Influenced by Matthew¡¯s suggestion, Carolyn and Elizabeth wonder if Burke is capable of murder.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0064

Summary: Carolyn and Elizabeth argue about Burke. Matthew threatens to kill Burke if he causes more trouble for Elizabeth. Elizabeth shares her concerns about Matthew¡¯s intentions with the sheriff, who arrives at the Blue Whale in time to break up a fight between Burke and Matthew. Sheriff Patterson warns Burke to stay away from Collinwood, but Burke goes there anyway.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0065

Summary: Elizabeth argues with Burke while he waits at Collinwood for Roger to return. Roger meets with Sam and hears details about the dinner party that Burke crashed. Roger indicates that if he goes down, he will bring Sam with him. Sam and Roger both waffle on a plan for Sam to leave to town, which ultimately falls through. Burke again advises Victoria to leave Collinsport. Roger finds Burke waiting for him at home.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0066

Summary: Burke confronts Roger about Bill Malloy¡¯s death. Elizabeth and Victoria speak briefly about Burke and Roger. Elizabeth learns Victoria has a habit of writing letters to herself as their conversation turns to Victoria¡¯s unknown parents. Burke tells Elizabeth about the threat that Matthew made against him. Roger massages Victoria¡¯s memory of the timeline on the night of Bill¡¯s death. Victoria then corroborates Roger¡¯s story, but Burke becomes prompted to make a veiled threat about taking over Collingwood.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0067

Summary: Burke interrupts Maggie and Carolyn as they discuss recent events. Sheriff Patterson questions Sam as well as Bill Malloy¡¯s housekeeper Mrs. Johnson. Maggie asks her father about his attempt to retrieve the letter from Mister Wells. Maggie begins lying to the sheriff regarding when her father left home on the night of Bill¡¯s death, but Sam stops her. Burke tells Carolyn that Roger is guilty of the crime for which Burke was convicted and that Bill¡¯s death is part of a cover-up.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0068

Summary: When Carolyn shares Burke¡¯s suspicions with her uncle, Roger denies involvement in both Bill¡¯s death and in Burke¡¯s manslaughter charge. David tells Victoria that his parents used to fight about Burke Devlin before he throws a tantrum aimed at his governess. Roger makes an idle threat against Devlin after Sheriff Patterson asks him why Matthew would start a fight with Burke. Carolyn comments on Joe Haskell to Victoria. Roger makes a peace offering with Victoria by way of a dinner invitation. Roger shows a similar change of heart with David by playing on his son¡¯s hatred for Victoria.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0069

Summary: Burke Devlin and Mrs. Johnson plot to expose Roger Collins as Bill Malloy¡¯s murderer and to uncover Sam Evans¡¯ role in Burke¡¯s manslaughter conviction. They also suspect Victoria may be involved. Carolyn shares what she has learned since Bill¡¯s death while Joe reveals Burke was once engaged to Roger¡¯s eventual wife Laura. Burke plants the idea with Carolyn to give Mrs. Johnson a job at Collingwood.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0070

Summary: Elizabeth and Matthew discuss Matthew¡¯s threat against Burke Devlin. Carolyn suggests that her mother hire Mrs. Johnson. David¡¯s drawing of Josette Collins leads him and Victoria to search for ghosts in the Old House, the abandoned original home of Collinwood. David claims Josette is condemned to roam Collinwood until a third girl dies at Widows Hill, and Victoria might be that girl. Matthew¡¯s intrusion ends the ghost hunt, but Josette¡¯s ghost materializes once they are gone.