EPISODES 0071-0080

Dark Shadows - Episode 0071

Summary: Roger and Burke anxiously await the sheriff¡¯s report from the coroner on Bill Malloy¡¯s death. Roger has Victoria corroborate his story for the sheriff as he takes her on an excursion around town. Afterwards, Victoria meets with Burke, who expresses frustration over her support for Roger¡¯s alibi.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0072

Summary: Carolyn becomes upset with Victoria for meeting with Burke Devlin after the accusations he made against her uncle. Elizabeth also becomes upset, and instructs Victoria to never bring Burke back to Collinwood again. Maggie listens to Mrs. Johnson lament Bill Malloy¡¯s death. Carolyn speaks to Mrs. Johnson about possibly working at Collinwood. Victoria stands up to Elizabeth, but they ultimately apologize to each other and agree about hiring a new housekeeper.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0073

Summary: Sam nervously inquires at the sheriff¡¯s office about the coroner¡¯s report while Maggie¡¯s gossip predicts a ruling of homicide. Elizabeth loses patience with David¡¯s continued defense of Burke Devlin. Against her wishes, David runs out to see Burke, just as Sheriff Patterson arrives to declare a ruling of accidental drowning. David has a brief talk with Sam at the hotel restaurant. Sam predicts Burke Devlin will go on a rampage if the sheriff does not declare Bill¡¯s death a homicide.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0074

Summary: David sneaks into Burke¡¯s hotel room and names his father as Bill¡¯s murderer. Carolyn complains to Burke about his relationship with Victoria. Carolyn also mentions Mrs. Johnson and Burke¡¯s gifted fountain pen, which is now lost. Roger celebrates the coroner¡¯s ruling. Burke becomes furious when he receives the same news, and angrily disputes the ruling with the sheriff.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0075

Summary: Atop Widows Hill, Matthew and Roger discuss the coroner¡¯s decision. Carolyn reconciles with Victoria as the two women speculate on Burke¡¯s possible retribution. Carolyn asks her uncle about Burke¡¯s missing fountain pen and they begin a search. Victoria takes a walk to Lookout Point and finds the pen on a beach below the hill. Burke arrives at Collingwood.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0076

Summary: Burke¡¯s offer to buy Collinwood divides Roger and Elizabeth. Carolyn and Victoria question Burke¡¯s intentions. Burke alienates Carolyn as Elizabeth threatens to take him down.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0077

Summary: Elizabeth talks to her daughter and to her nephew about Burke waging war against the family, but David still believes Burke is his friend. Matthew and Carolyn learn David stole a photo from Burke, which prompts an argument between the cousins. Matthew reports his concerns to Elizabeth.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0078

Summary: Maggie shows an interest in Joe Haskell. Roger brings Victoria along to mask his intent of meeting Sam at the Blue Whale. The two men discuss Bill¡¯s death, Burke, and Sam¡¯s safeguard letter. Roger insults Joe and Maggie before leaving, and later learns that Elizabeth plans to hire Mrs. Johnson.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0079

Summary: Burke Devlin and Mrs. Johnson advance their plot to avenge Bill Malloy and take down the Collins family. Maggie worries about her father¡¯s recent behavior. Burke and Mrs. Johnson stage a scene where she accuses Burke of Bill¡¯s murder in front of Sam, Maggie, and David Collins. David strengthens his bond with Burke and makes friends with Mrs. Johnson.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0080

Summary: Roger tries unsuccessfully to dissuade his sister from hiring Mrs. Johnson. Joe turns down Elizabeth¡¯s offer of a promotion. Roger tells Carolyn about seeing Joe and Maggie at the Blue Whale, upsetting his niece. Carolyn storms off after shouting at Joe and her mother. Roger continues his search for Burke¡¯s fountain pen and finds it in Victoria¡¯s possession.