EPISODES 0081-0090

Dark Shadows - Episode 0081

Summary: Burke and Matthew have another confrontation. Matthew and Mrs. Johnson become acquainted. Worried that their plan might fail, Burke snaps at Mrs. Johnson before leaving to search Lookout Point. Elizabeth decides to hire Mrs. Johnson.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0082

Summary: Burke tells the sheriff that the missing fountain pen could link Roger to Bill Malloy¡¯s death. Roger sees the pen with Victoria. Burke questions Roger about the pen. Victoria rejects another offer from Roger to take a job in Florida. While David discusses the pen with Victoria, Roger steals it.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0083

Summary: David and Victoria search for the pen while Roger buries it. Joe commiserates with Maggie about Carolyn, and Maggie invites him to dinner with her father. Roger asks Victoria to drop her suspicion that David stole the pen. Roger also asks his son to forget the subject. Using the pretense of finding the lost pen, David tricks Victoria into following him into the closed off wing of the house.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0084

Summary: David tries frightening Victoria before locking her in the abandoned wing of Collinwood. Carolyn returns home and makes amends with Elizabeth and Joe, until Joe tells her that he already has dinner plans. Carolyn then says she never wants to see Joe again.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0085

Summary: Elizabeth chides Carolyn for her attitude towards Joe. While getting drunk together at the Blue Whale, Burke admits an interest in Victoria and Sam confesses that he believes Bill was murdered. Carolyn joins the duo and learns Maggie is having dinner with Joe. Burke begins flirting with Carolyn. Bill Malloy¡¯s ghost warns a trapped Victoria to leave Collingwood.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0086

Summary: Carolyn and Burke grow closer and ultimately kiss while drinking in Burke¡¯s hotel room. David lies to his aunt and to his father about Victoria¡¯s whereabouts, but Elizabeth finds a key to the closed wing in David¡¯s room. Victoria remains desperate for a way to escape her confinement.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0087

Summary: Carolyn tells Roger about her evening with Burke as well as Burke and Sam¡¯s Blue Whale meeting. Maggie and Joe continue bonding over drinks after dinner. Roger searches a secret passageway in the drawing room and finally frees Victoria, but not before making ghost-like sounds to frighten her. Victoria tells Roger about seeing Bill Malloy¡¯s ghost.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0088

Summary: Carolyn and Elizabeth protest Victoria¡¯s decision to leave Collinwood, but Roger supports the idea. Carolyn confides in Victoria about both Burke and Joe. Roger and Elizabeth find wet seaweed where Victoria reported seeing Bill Malloy¡¯s ghost. Victoria resolves to speak with David before making her final decision about leaving Collingwood.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0089

Summary: Burke bids for the Logansport cannery and tries to poach the Collins¡¯ top employees. Elizabeth and Roger consider countermeasures and vow to vehemently oppose Burke¡¯s tactics.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0090

Summary: David wants Victoria to stay after hearing she saw Bill Malloy¡¯s ghost. Matthew changes the lock on the abandoned wing door and is distressed to learn of the new ghost sighting. Carolyn and Victoria tour the room where Victoria was trapped and discover a curious ledger sheet from Elizabeth¡¯s lawyers in Bangor. David says, ¡°I love you¡± to Victoria. Carolyn reveals that David once said the same thing to a cat he later drowned.