EPISODES 0091-0100

Dark Shadows - Episode 0091

Summary: Victoria decides to remain at Collinwood. Victoria also connects the ledger sheet name of ¡°B. Hanscombe¡± to the woman in the portrait she saw at Sam Evans¡¯ house. Carolyn intends to meet with Burke, but he instead gives Victoria a ride to Bangor to resume the search into her history. Her jealousy renewed, Carolyn tells her mother that Victoria is with Burke. Burke hears about Bill Malloy¡¯s ghost and how he specifically identified his murderer as being from Collinsport.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0092

Summary: At the law firm in Bangor, attorney Richard Garner tells Victoria that Collinwood once had a butler with the last name Hanscombe. Richard¡¯s son Frank, also a lawyer, takes an interest in Victoria. Frank tells Victoria that his father was Roger¡¯s attorney in Burke¡¯s manslaughter trial. Burke repeats a warning to Victoria and arranges to drive her home later. Richard phones Elizabeth to inform her about Victoria¡¯s inquiries. Richard assures Elizabeth that he has the situation under control.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0093

Summary: Elizabeth and Roger wonder about Burke and Victoria¡¯s relationship. Roger slaps David when he says Bill Malloy¡¯s ghost might identify Roger as the murderer. Still motivated by jealousy, Carolyn tells her mother that Victoria is investigating the name Hanscombe. Elizabeth tells Carolyn about her love of Ned Calder as inspiration for her daughter to reconsider Joe Haskell. Roger insists that his sister discharge Victoria and sell Collinwood, both of which she refuses.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0094

Summary: Maggie is upset to see Joe and Carolyn rekindling their romance. Victoria tells her story to Frank Garner, but his father discourages Frank from aiding her search. Carolyn shares rumors of Bill Malloy¡¯s ghost with Joe, Sam, and Maggie. Believing that she only renewed her interest in him because Burke is with Victoria, Joe fights with Carolyn before returning to Maggie at the Blue Whale.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0095

Summary: Victoria tells Frank about her ghost sighting. Frank expresses affection for Victoria while asking about her interest in Burke. Victoria agrees to see Frank again. Burke and Mr. Blair review their Logansport business plan. Victoria notices that Mr. Blair has a pen similar to the one she found at Lookout Point. Thinking the pen connects Burke to Bill¡¯s death, a frightened Victoria calls Roger and asks him to pick her up in Bangor.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0096

Summary: Roger avoids the truth about the pen while driving Victoria back to Collinsport. A raging storm temporarily strands Sheriff Patterson at Collinwood with Elizabeth. Stuck on a flooded back road, Roger and Victoria take shelter in an abandoned house where they are later rescued by the sheriff. Roger tells Victoria to keep quiet about the pen.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0097

Summary: Elizabeth questions Victoria, and later Roger, about events in Bangor. In conversation with Carolyn, Roger implies a possible romance with Victoria. Victoria tells Carolyn about Frank Garner, although Carolyn is still angry with Victoria over Burke Devlin. Sam gifts his Hanscombe painting to Victoria, which causes a stir when she brings it back to Collingwood.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0098

Summary: Mrs. Johnson begins work at Collinwood. Matthew gruffly warns her against asking questions while David tells her about ghosts and secret rooms. Matthew advises Elizabeth not to trust Mrs. Johnson. David forms an alliance with the new housekeeper when they find each other in the basement against Elizabeth¡¯s wishes. Mrs. Johnson hears the mysterious sobs.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0099

Summary: Victoria advises Carolyn to share her fear of Burke Devlin. Mrs. Johnson reports to Burke about the sobbing, David¡¯s suspicions, and Victoria¡¯s uneasiness about Burke since the Bangor trip. The Collinsport cannery employees turn down Burke¡¯s offer to defect to Logansport. While trying to discourage Carolyn from meeting Burke for dinner, Victoria learns that the pen she thought belonged to Burke was actually in Roger¡¯s possession on the night Bill Malloy died.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0100

Summary: Victoria tells Burke she thinks Roger was involved in Bill Malloy¡¯s death, but that the fountain pen is missing. They ponder how to proceed and decide to search for the pen. David informs his father that Carolyn plans to meet Burke. While trying to forbid his niece from seeing Burke, Roger learns Carolyn told Victoria he had the pen when Bill Malloy died.