EPISODES 0101-0110

Dark Shadows - Episode 0101

Summary: David shows his father a drawing of a hanged man and says that is what will happen to Bill¡¯s murderer. David helps Victoria hide from Roger before he leaves to search for her in town. Victoria learns that Carolyn told Roger what Victoria really knows about the fountain pen. Victoria tries to reach Burke when Maggie visits Collinwood to return a purse Victoria left at the coffee shop. Maggie is distressed by Victoria¡¯s suspicions about Bill¡¯s death. Roger overhears and waits for Maggie to leave before grabbing Victoria from behind.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0102

Summary: Roger tells Victoria that Bill Malloy was already dead when he lost the pen at Lookout Point. David attempts to summon Josette¡¯s ghost in the Old House. Matthew finds the boy there and David tells him that Victoria has information about Bill¡¯s death. Josette appears after they leave. Carolyn and Burke¡¯s dinner conversation turns to Roger, Victoria, and the missing pen. Burke calls Victoria to arrange a secret meeting.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0103

Summary: Roger discovers Victoria¡¯s absence while she is meeting with Burke to tell him about Roger¡¯s story. Maggie tells her father about Victoria¡¯s suspicions, which causes Sam concern. Roger catches Victoria lying about her whereabouts. An intruder is frightened away while attempting to enter Victoria¡¯s locked bedroom.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0104

Summary: Elizabeth and Matthew discuss the intruder with Victoria. Sam asks Victoria to meet him at the Blue Whale where he unsuccessfully pries her for new information about Bill Malloy¡¯s death. Roger discredits Victoria to his sister. On her way home, a car nearly runs over Victoria. Victoria calls Burke once she is back at Collinwood and says they must act soon. Elizabeth gives Victoria a sedative and sends her to bed.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0105

Summary: Sheriff Patterson reveals that the investigation into Bill Malloy¡¯s death was never officially closed. Roger hears about the attempt on Victoria¡¯s life from his sister and he deflects suspicion towards Sam. Burke tells the sheriff about Victoria¡¯s information and they visit Collinwood to question Elizabeth and Roger. Later, Burke and the sheriff catch Roger in the act of digging up the missing fountain pen.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0106

Summary: With Richard Garner present as Roger¡¯s lawyer, Sheriff Patterson questions Victoria, Carolyn, and then Roger. The lawyer and sheriff wait for the state police to check Roger¡¯s alibi at a gas station for the time the car swerved at Victoria.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0107

Summary: Sheriff Patterson questions Sam Evans. Frank Garner visits Collinwood and tells Victoria he suspects Sam¡¯s involvement in the attempts to harm her. Sam denies the accusations during a second visit to the sheriff¡¯s office. Elizabeth asks Matthew to search for David at the cliffs while Victoria searches the Old House. On the way, Matthew attempts to drop a stone urn onto Victoria, but misses.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0108

Summary: Victoria seeks safety in Matthew¡¯s cottage while Frank and Elizabeth search for her. After revealing her knowledge of the reopened investigation, Victoria realizes Matthew was driving the car that tried to hit her. Sheriff Patterson joins the search at Collinwood. Meanwhile, Matthew takes Victoria hostage and confesses to the murder of Bill Malloy.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0109

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Dark Shadows - Episode 0110

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