EPISODES 0111-0120

Dark Shadows - Episode 0111

Summary: Matthew threatens to kill Victoria but claims Bill¡¯s death was accidental. Frank and Elizabeth grow more worried as the sheriff expands his search. Becoming suspicious, Elizabeth enters Matthew¡¯s cottage just as he begins to strangle Victoria.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0112

Summary: After Matthew escapes, Victoria and Elizabeth reveal everything to Sheriff Patterson, who begins a search for Matthew. Finally returning to Collinwood, Roger dismisses Victoria¡¯s apology and demands she be fired. Elizabeth refuses and turns her brother¡¯s attention back to Burke Devlin. Frank takes Victoria to dinner to calm her down and arranges a weekend for her in Bangor. Matthew¡¯s abandoned car leads the police to search away from the mansion while he hides in the Old House.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0113

Summary: Mrs. Johnson informs Burke that Matthew killed Bill Malloy, but the two of them decide to continue their plan to take down Roger Collins anyway. David visits Burke and concludes that, along with Mrs. Johnson, they share a mutual hatred of his father. Still believing that Roger killed Bill, David goes to the Old House and pleads for Josette¡¯s ghost to appear and offer some kind of evidence. Instead, David finds Matthew and vows to help him hide there.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0114

Summary: Roger continues dodging Victoria¡¯s attempts to make amends. After a brief discussion in his hotel room, Victoria says she cannot see Burke again because of his conflict with the Collins family. They kiss before she leaves. Burke calls Elizabeth to gloat when his bid is accepted to purchase the Logansport cannery. Roger and Elizabeth consider their next step. David sneaks food out to Matthew.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0115

Summary: Elizabeth talks to Victoria about her upcoming weekend in Bangor. While eating the food David brought, Matthew reveals that he knows a secret about the Old House. Victoria drops her wallet in the Old House when she goes to find David. Elizabeth teaches her nephew about loyalty. Matthew encounters Victoria when she comes to look for her wallet.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0116

Summary: Matthew traps Victoria in a secret room of the Old House. Elizabeth and Mrs. Johnson begin wondering about Victoria when Frank Garner calls to say she never arrived in Bangor. Matthew recaptures Victoria when she tries to escape.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0117

Summary: While sharing a romantic evening together, Carolyn notices Burke is bothered to learn that Victoria is seeing Frank Garner. At Elizabeth¡¯s request, Joe goes to the hotel to find Carolyn and ends up in a fistfight with Burke. Burke, Joe, and Carolyn return to the mansion and discover Victoria¡¯s suitcase in the foyer, indicating that she never left Collinwood.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0118

Summary: Armed with shotguns, Burke and Joe search the grounds for Victoria, but Matthew successfully hides her in the secret room of the Old House. Josette¡¯s ghost starts to appear until Burke and Joe enter the room with her portrait.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0119

Summary: Roger and Elizabeth argue with Carolyn about her interest in Burke. Joe apologizes for punching Burke earlier and the two men make a plan to resume their search for Victoria in the morning. Roger and Burke threaten each other when their confrontation turns physical. Elizabeth stops Roger from going after Burke with a shotgun.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0120

Summary: Victoria continues to plead for Matthew to release her. David learns about Victoria¡¯s disappearance from Mrs. Johnson before stealing her cigarettes for Matthew. Matthew denies being involved with Victoria¡¯s disappearance when David brings him a bag of food. David returns to the Old House later while Matthew is away and he hears Victoria¡¯s muffled cries.