EPISODES 0121-0130

Dark Shadows - Episode 0121

Summary: Matthew stops David from discovering the source of the muffled sounds. Mrs. Johnson belittles the sheriff when he arrives at Collinwood to tell Elizabeth he has no news. David denies stealing Mrs. Johnson¡¯s cigarettes. David also learns from Sheriff Patterson that anyone helping Matthew would go to jail, which begins to worry him.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0122

Summary: Matthew plans to escape Collinwood. Carolyn calls Burke, but he dismisses her to wait for another call instead. Carolyn tries to convince David that Matthew is dangerous. Distracted by his concern for Victoria, Burke is also dismissive of David when he visits unexpectedly. Matthew becomes more disturbed when Josette¡¯s ghost starts calling his name.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0123

Summary: Joe recounts recent events for Maggie when a stranger enters the coffee shop. The unknown woman asks Maggie about the Collins family. From a window outside, David sees Matthew exiting the secret room through the bookcase. David and Matthew begin growing more suspicious of each other. When Matthew leaves later, David enters the secret room and finds Victoria.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0124

Summary: Fearful that he¡¯ll go to jail as an accessory if Matthew is caught, David leaves Victoria captive. Maggie discusses Burke while trying to learn more about the mysterious woman in the coffee shop, who tells Maggie the legend of the Phoenix. Sam enters and Maggie gives him a pep talk about resuming his art. Sam then becomes curious about the stranger. Suspicious, Matthew tries to grab David on his way back to the mansion, but David breaks free. David runs to find his father while Matthew returns to Victoria and vows to take action.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0125

Summary: David decides to not tell his father what he knows after Roger refuses to promise David will not be in trouble. Meanwhile, Matthew decides to escape with Victoria. The ghost of Bill Malloy tells David to help Victoria and tells Matthew that someone at Collinwood will die that night. David leaves a message at the hotel for Burke to come to Collinwood. Victoria manages to loosen her ropes but Matthew returns when she tries to escape. However, Matthew becomes delusional and believes Victoria is Elizabeth, but snaps out of it in time to take Victoria hostage again. Burke arrives at the mansion and has a shouting match with Roger before David inerrupts. Matthew decides that the ghosts will stop haunting him if he kills Victoria.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0126

Summary: While Matthew sharpens his axe, Josette¡¯s ghost visits Victoria and tells her to not be afraid. Before he can strike, a group of ghosts appears to Matthew and causes his death. David finally tells Burke and Roger about the secret room where Victoria is being held and the two men rescue her.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0127

Summary: Victoria claims Josette¡¯s ghost saved her. Off screen, the sheriff collects Matthew¡¯s body and a doctor determines he died of natural causes. Elizabeth asks Burke about his fondness for Victoria, which he later displays when he says goodbye to her. Victoria believes she resembles Josette and tells Elizabeth she thinks they may be related. Josette¡¯s ghost wanders the mansion grounds.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0128

Summary: Maggie tells Joe that she believes Matthew died of fright. Sam asks his daughter to learn more about the mysterious woman, and appears concerned to hear that she discussed the Phoenix legend with Maggie. When Maggie is unable to learn the woman¡¯s name, Sam looks her up in the hotel registry. Sam then calls Roger and asks him to meet at the Blue Whale, where Sam reveals that the woman is Roger¡¯s estranged wife Laura Collins.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0129

Summary: Roger fears that his wife may expose the truth about the car accident that sent Burke to prison. Maggie and Joe wonder about the mystery woman and her connection to Sam. Elizabeth worries Laura may want to see David and could still be mentally unstable. A match flame inspires Sam to paint a woman in flames while he is drunk.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0130

Summary: Mrs. Johnson tells Burke about Laura¡¯s return. Laura arrives at Collinwood to tell Roger and Elizabeth that she wants custody of David and a divorce. She also stares intently into the fireplace. David senses his mother¡¯s presence in a dream and is stopped by Roger when he nearly sleepwalks out of the house as though drawn to her.