EPISODES 0131-0140

Dark Shadows - Episode 0131

No episode. Episode number was skipped.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0132

Summary: As they discuss David and his mother, Roger accuses his sister of wanting to take Laura¡¯s place in his son¡¯s life. Elizabeth worries what effect it might have on David if he were to see Laura. David remains haunted by his dream of Laura and discusses being afraid of his mother with Victoria. David feels compelled to repeatedly call for his mother from his window. He also tells Elizabeth and Roger accurate details about Laura¡¯s earlier visit to the house that he saw in his dream.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0133

Summary: Sam fears letting his daughter see his Phoenix painting. Burke reminisces about Laura with Maggie at the coffee shop. Sam enters and Burke leaves him with a warning. Laura and Sam have an awkward run-in before Laura joins Maggie in a conversation about Burke Devlin. Burke returns and engages Laura in a discussion about their history and about David. An unseen force influences Sam¡¯s work on the painting.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0134

Summary: David is anxious to see his mother but mentions that his recent dreams have involved her engulfed in fire. Elizabeth and Roger decide that Laura should stay at Collinwood. Roger prepares Laura for meeting David and they also discuss Burke Devlin. Victoria tries to bring David downstairs to see his mother, but a strange feeling makes him suddenly reluctant to have the reunion. Roger and Elizabeth appear open to granting Laura custody. David finally comes downstairs, but runs from Laura when he sees an image of her surrounded by flames. David later tells Victoria, ¡°that¡¯s not my mother.¡±

Dark Shadows - Episode 0135

Summary: David expresses fear that something terrible will happen if he goes near his mother. Victoria and Roger make excuses for David¡¯s behavior while Elizabeth invites Laura to stay at Collinwood. Carolyn takes Laura to see Matthew¡¯s cottage where they briefly discuss Burke Devlin. Laura decides to move in immediately while Carolyn offers to retrieve her bags from the inn. Victoria tells Roger that David said Laura is not his real mother but Roger dismisses the idea. Elizabeth consoles David, although he later has another dream of his mother calling for him.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0136

Summary: Richard and Frank Garner visit Collinwood to begin Roger¡¯s divorce proceedings. Roger also wants Richard to help him should there be a new trial for Burke. Frank tells Victoria they are opening an office in Collinsport and reveals she may be out of a job if Laura takes custody of David in the divorce. Victoria asks Roger about the possible custody change and also tells him about David¡¯s dreams of fire. Maggie worries that her father is afraid of Laura. Sam comes home to find his daughter looking at his painting. Sam claims an unknown force is driving him to paint it.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0137

Summary: Sam asks to see Roger when Sam calls to say that the sheriff is looking for Roger. Carolyn asks her uncle about Burke¡¯s relationship with Laura. Burke warns Sam again. Burke also needles Roger about his wife¡¯s return, but Roger stuns Burke with the news that Laura is staying at Collinwood. Carolyn joins Burke at the Blue Whale after the other men leave and reveals that Laura is not actually staying in the house with Roger. Sam and Roger discuss Laura and the car accident before Sam unveils his painting. Roger storms out when Sam angrily asks what the picture means. Sam cannot bring himself to destroy the portrait. Sheriff Patterson tells Roger that Laura¡¯s body was found burned in a fire in Phoenix.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0138

Summary: Sheriff Patterson questions Laura about the body found in her Phoenix apartment. Burke and Carolyn¡¯s romance grows, although she becomes suspicious when he offers to take Laura¡¯s suitcase to the cottage. Roger is upset to discover that his niece brought Burke back to Collinwood. Burke solicits Laura¡¯s testimony, which she dodges, and he senses something unusual about her. Laura begins to resist Burke¡¯s romantic advances when Roger walks in holding a rifle.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0139

Summary: Roger threatens to shoot, but Burke wrestles the gun away from him just as he fires. After Burke leaves, Roger warns Laura about changing her testimony or giving too much information to Burke. Roger also insinuates David may not be his son. Victoria explains to Roger that David¡¯s dreams have him frightened of seeing Laura. Roger tells Victoria about the body found in Phoenix. Laura requests a lock of David¡¯s hair to put in her locket as she and Victoria discuss the boy over breakfast. The two women also arrange for mother and son to meet atop Widows Hill, but David ends up dangling on the cliff after backing away from her.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0140

Summary: Victoria rescues David and convinces him to go to his mother. David tells Laura that her eyes frightened him. Laura promises not to leave her son. Roger tells his sister about the body in Phoenix as well as Carolyn bringing Burke to the house. Victoria recounts for them what happened at Widows Hill. After dinner, Elizabeth tells Laura about David¡¯s claim that she is not his mother. They also briefly discuss Burke Devlin. Victoria overhears Laura telling David about the legend of the Phoenix as the doors to the outside and to the drawing room suddenly open by themselves.