EPISODES 0141-0150

Dark Shadows - Episode 0141

Summary: Victoria finds David drawing a phoenix. Laura convinces Victoria to cancel David¡¯s lesson so she can spend the day with David. Laura tells David to not be afraid of ghosts. Victoria visits Maggie and they discuss Laura as well as Sam¡¯s reaction to her return. David brings his mother to the Old House to summon Josette¡¯s ghost, but Laura seems apprehensive. David reasons that the ghost only appears when a person is alone, so he leaves his mother and the portrait begins glowing. When David returns, Laura claims nothing happened. Maggie shows Victoria the portrait her father painted of Laura, which upsets Sam. David shows Laura his drawing and she begins to abstractly describe for him the place from which she came.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0142

Summary: Sam continues to question the inspiration behind his painting and resolves to destroy it, but Victoria feels a strange connection and asks for it. Sam hands it over, but tells Victoria she should destroy the portrait. David asks his mother about Burke Devlin. Laura asks David how he feels about his father. Victoria brings the portrait back to Collinwood. David identifies it as depicting his dream and asks if he can have it, despite his mother¡¯s objection. Laura ultimately relents, but admonishes Victoria for bringing it home. Laura later tries taking it away until David threatens to never talk to her again if she does. Sam tries painting a new picture, but ends up drawing a woman in fire again. A ghostly image of Laura comes out of the portrait and frightens David during the night.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0143

Summary: David wakes Victoria and Elizabeth with his story about Laura¡¯s face coming out of the painting. Afterward, the two women discuss the possibility of Laura gaining custody of the boy. Sam learns about the painting¡¯s similarity to David¡¯s dream when he and Victoria visit to ask him questions. Sam shows Victoria his new painting as they talk about their strange feelings and visions. Lieutenant Riley from the state police visits Collinwood to question Laura about the fire in Phoenix. He asks Elizabeth to identify some items found with the body. Elizabeth and Victoria find that he has a locket containing David¡¯s hair exactly like the one Laura was seen wearing.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0144

Summary: Laura leads Inspector Riley to believe that the dead body in Phoenix may be a former cleaning lady named Margaret who supposedly resembled her. Laura denies having previously worn the locket in Victoria¡¯s presence. Elizabeth hears Victoria telling her suspicions about Laura and the locket to Frank Garner. Frank and Victoria make dinner plans. When they exit the drawing room, the family album opens by itself. Victoria feels compelled to go back to the album and she sees it opened on an image of Josette Collins wearing Laura¡¯s locket. Victoria believes this to be some sort of sign.

Dark Shadows - Episode 0145

Summary: David believes the painting in his room has a message for him. He tells his mother about the ghostly face that came out of it. Sam and Laura question the driving force behind Sam¡¯s fire portraits. Laura warns him to stop. Joe listens to Maggie¡¯s concerns about her father and her future. Laura wanders Collinwood during the night before staring intently into the fireplace. At the same time, Sam falls asleep in his house with a lit cigarette.